If you wish to order transcripts, please go to the search tab of this website instead. There you will select an ACT and contact them directly to discuss and place an order by phone or email.  See the document “Website Walkthrough - Step by Step Instructions for placing an order”, located on the Resources tab of the website for help with ordering.

Only register on this page if you have a digital copy of your ACT Certificate and you wish to begin the process of becoming an Authorized Court Transcriptionist.   Acceptable file formats for your certificate can be viewed below, before you begin.  

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Contractor Security Screening Clearance

All ACTs are required by the Ministry to maintain a current CSSC number.
CSSC is the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services screening program which contractors, consultants, and service providers doing work with any Ministry are required to undergo.

The screening consists a criminal record and judicial matters check (CRJMC), completed by a Ministry approved vendor. A Ontario Public Service (OPS) online vendor of record (VOR) arrangement has been established with Triton Canada Inc., to permit fast, efficient, and cost-effective contractor CSSC processing.

Arkley will forward your full legal name and email address to Triton in order to begin the process.
Applicants must ensure they read the provided CSSC guide carefully and understand what the requirements are before initiating.

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